Because We Care

Clayt and Suzette Hulin, founders of SouthStar Urgent Care, knew they wanted to give back to the community. Suzette was passionate about helping those who just needed a hand up in life. After praying about it, she took the leap and started her own charity: Because We Care. Suzette knew she wanted to focus their charitable efforts specifically to their clinic communities, to better serve their customers. Because of this focus, a portion of each local SouthStar Urgent Care clinic’s proceeds is donated directly back to their community.


Throughout the years, Because We Care, has helped:
Teachers to stock school supplies for their classes,
Parents to provide thanksgiving meals for their families,
Families to have Christmas presents under the Christmas tree,
Children to have warm clothes and seek urgent medical treatment needed,
Homeless community members to have tents and sleeping bags,
Veterans to be supported at home and abroad,
Community Team Members to provide missionary help to countries around the world,
Local non-profit organizations with a comparable mission to help make this world a better place!


Because We Care strives to make this world a better place, one kind deed at a time.  


Our mission at Because We Care is to lend a helping hand to our community, in their time of need. We do this by using our hands to serve, our hearts to listen, our minds to gather, our smiles to praise, and our team to heal.

Our vision at Because We Care is to make this world a better place, one kind deed at a time. 

Core Values:
When you are FACED with adversity, we are always here... Because We Care.






Please contact us via email for more information.