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We've extended your access to exceptional care!
In-Person: You can choose to visit us at a physical location Click Here To View Locations
Virtual Visit: You can choose to use our new virtual telehealth service, see details below.


Click to Book your virtual session now:

Schedule Your Telehealth Session:

1. Click Here to schedule your Telehealth session, confirm you are within the SouthStar Urgent Care: Telehealth clinic and book your desired time, based on availability.

2. Our telehealth team will call you 10 minutes prior to your appointment to answer any questions and complete our secure registration process.

3. Once checked-in, you will receive an email with a telehealth access link, a
fter clicking the access link, you will be linked to our virtual waiting room where one of our certified and licensed providers will begin the virtual session.

Our telehealth team will be available:

Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm 

Closed for major holidays: New Years Day, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

There are two ways guests can pay for this service:

Option 1: Insurance

  • Patients with active Commercial Insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid coverage will have no upfront cost for this session.
  • Our team will enter in the insurance information into the system and work on the patient’s behalf to bill through the insurance company.
  • Patients will need to have their insurance card/information available to them at the time of registration.

Option 2: Self-Pay

  • No insurance? No Problem! We are offering an introductory rate of $40 per patient/per session.
  • Patients will need to have a valid debit or credit card to share with our team at the time of registration.


Q: What do I need to have with me to use this service?
A: All telehealth users will need to have the following items for their session:

1.    A valid email address
2.    Dependable internet connection
3.    A camera/microphone for use on video chat: webcam or mobile phone (this process supports both apple and droid phones)

Q: Can all illnesses or injuries be treated via a telehealth visit?
A: Our providers will assess and treat all illnesses and injuries via the digital exam following treatment guidelines. However, for the safety of our patients, there is potential for the provider to direct you to transfer to one of our clinics to seek further medical attention or your closest medical facility.  

Q: What if my session gets disconnected?
A: Our team will monitor the connection and manage reconnection/communication based on each case to make sure the session is successful.