Now you can get in line, from the comfort of your own home or office!

ZipPASS can give you a same-day early check-in at any of our clinics. To get in line, just follow these simple steps...

1. Click on ZipPASS
2. Enter the required information into the online form.
3. Verify your desired sign in time.
4. Present your ZipPASS confirmation page to the front desk 10 minutes before your sign in time.

Demographic and payment information will be collected when you register. 
We will make every attempt to check you in at your sign in time.

Please note: this ZipPASS is not a guarantee of a shorter waiting time at this clinic.
If you have a simple cold, lacerations, allergies or experience anything that might slow your work day down, you can be confident that our Urgent Care clinics can handle all of your medical needs.

Please note, if you need emergency care you should go to an emergency department.

Click here to schedule your sign in time!